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AD9984 The picture output

Question asked by yuji on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by GuenterL

1.Regarding Reg0x26/0x27 Hsync per Vsync,it is identified on less line or the number of original lines by input signal.

  When I input UXGA(1600*1200),sometime it is distinguished "1249line",even though it should be 1250line.
  It changes everytime we lead the value of the register in I2C.

  Could you tell us what the cause is?
  Can it be go back to nomal if change the value of register?
  Could you tell us adhust the register?


2.The phenomenon that an picture gets fuzzy when we input a signal of WUXGA(1920*1200).
  But a signal source is changed,simetimes it becomes normal.(Yet,sometimes it becomes fuzzy again)
  The only thing that we are sure is that it gets normal when we connect a signal source to a monitor.
  Dose it get better if we change the register?
  Could you tell us what register we should adjust?