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Question asked by silviaing on Jan 23, 2014
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I'm doing a project for measuring active, reactive and apparent energy, PF.
I did the calibration and WGAIN VAGAIN with an accurate source. I have chosen a bakery that absorbs 5.4 A. I extracted the constants Wh / LSB and VAh / LSB and I read the values of LAENERGY and LVAENERGY periodically every 20 seconds after calibration. The values seem to coincide with reality if we multiply by 3600/20. This makes me get the values in Wh and VAh. The problem however is that they are larger than those measured by a measurement system analog put in parallel to my system. this system has measured values of the effective voltage correct but effective current and energies smaller compared to my system.
Can anyone tell me the reason?
Also what is the difference between AENERGY and LAENRGY?


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