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EVB for high-speed LVDS-to-LVCMOS conversion?

Question asked by WilliamStroupe on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by David.Buchanan

Does AD have an EVB I can use for high-speed multi-input LVDS-to-LVCMOS conversion? I think what I want is a converter that is an LVDS bus on the input side to parallel LVCMOS on the output side.


I want to capture and record to disk the bit streams that constitute the LCD display interface logic for embedded LCD displays. Most often, these are LVDS on the physical layer. I want to convert the LVDS bit streams to LVCMOS bit streams and then record the synchronized streams to disk.


I want to be able to thus capture and record multiple LVDS inputs (say, 4 channels or 8 channels), deserialize the data, keep things synchronized, convert to parallel LVCMOS streams, and record these converted (LVCMOS) bit streams to disk.


I want to be able to handle 400 Mbit/s (200Mhz) on the LVDS input bus. I want a reliable and stable conversion and capture. The capture sessions will average up to 10 minutes per session.


I also have the problem of interfacing to the DUT. I want to capture the LVDS bit streams without loading the DUT. I want to be able to keep the LCD on the DUT in place and daisy-chain off the LCD cable to provide input to the converter.


Is there an EVB that will suit my needs?