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EPP2, ETH0 and lwIP problem

Question asked by hammed.dali on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by SrinivasG


We are using BF-609-EZKIT and we want to build an application that sends data via the erthernet, we are using the lwIP stack and  SD camera connected to the BF609-EZKIT via EPPI2  under uC/OS-III. Both camera cpature and lwIP stack work ok spearate applications. but the problem if we combine both application the camera stops working (null-pointers to video frames). Also for your information if we change the EPPI 2 by EPPI 1 the capture driver is working fine the lwIP stack.


We suspect that there is some pins conflict between EPPI2 and ETH 0 hardware or the source of the problem in the switch configuration in the lwIP stack.

Any idea to solve this problem ??


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