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Multiple ADXL362's externally sync'd: Suggestions for controlled startup.

Question asked by larsen on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by larsen

We need to synchronize sampling of several adxl362. The ADXL362's will be read sequentially from one host cpu. It is simple to provide a common synchronous external trigger for all devices.

But - is it also possible to ensure that samples from say trigger edge nr. i are correctly matched up with samples from edge nr. i from the other adxl362's once transferred to the host CPU?

The risk is that there can be a pipeline delay which is different in one adxl362 from another. I.e. differing number of waiting samples.


Clearly a proper startup sequence and sync-lock with the read-out and trigger is important. The host cpu has also full control of the trigger and can start and stop this as required.

Can someone guide us to the basics of such a startup and run procedure?


Thanks for any advice.