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FMCOMMS1 questions

Question asked by briankomo on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by larsc
  1. I modified the HDL to input custom frequency data.  However, the IIO scope does not appear to function if the TX frequency is modified via HDL.  Is there a way for the IIO scope to work in this configuration?
  2. I would like to interface with the ADAU1761 audio chip.  However It doesn’t appear to work through linux.  Ultimately I would like to modify the HDL to interface with the chip however we are not to that point in our design yet.
  3. Where are the files located that setup the DAC and LO’s in Linux?  I will need to modify this file to disable RF upon startup.
  4. How do I add files (similar to the IIO:device files) to interface with the PL through the PS?  The end goal here is to add a network interface to get data to the PL.