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adl5380 matching circuits for RF/LO ports

Question asked by arvabj on Jan 21, 2014
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I am using the ADL5380 demodulator for an existing RF design. The LO/RF balun used for 50-Ohm matching is the Johanson 2500BL14M050T (2.5-2.7GHz). I would like to target wider bandwidth baluns for a different application (3-5 GHz). But most baluns available commercially in the same form factor are 50:100 Ohm impedance matched and not 50:50 Ohm. I cannot use the recent minicircuits parts due to PCB foot-print.


Is there a way to get a good RF/LO impedance match with a 50:100 Ohm balun for the ADL5380 ? The datasheet, figure-84 shows a series 25-Ohm solution for 50-Ohm single ended drive. Can i have the 25-Ohm series resistor on both differential  inputs with a 50:100 balun ? Any circuit recommendations would be greatly appreciated.