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Procedure for grounding in AD5410

Question asked by on Jan 21, 2014
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I'm using single AD5410 (TSSOP package) current source dac in my application. I'm confused on how to ground the analog & digital ground in my circuit.

Problem Description:

the data sheets states two separate ground  which are as follows

pin no: 1,4,5,12 - GND - These pins must be connected to ground.

pin no : 11 - GND - Ground Reference Pin.

After going through the literature of " Grounding Data Converters and Solving the Mystery of "AGND" and "DGND" "  i understand that if there is a single converter (as in my application) i can connect the grounds at the DAC. But the data sheet doesn't say which is the AGND & Which is DGND.

This is the point at which i'm confused with how to connect the ground.


I'm using a 4 layer PCB in which I have a plane dedicated to ground.

It is divided into two half 1. Anglog GND 2. Digital GND both are isolated.


Input : 24vdc Output : 4-20mA Ground : Common Ground for both input & output.


Looking forward for your immediate reply


Thanks in advance