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Openframeworks addon to blackfin vdk??

Question asked by codey666 on Jan 21, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2014 by CraigG

Hello please help.

I have a project involving object tracking using surf-descriptors.Now I have done this project using ofxopencv addon of openframeworks.So i get a video stream from my laptop camera and I move the object to be tracked using my hand holding it infront of laptop cam.

Now, I need to port the entire application from openframeworks to the bf561 ez kit so that i connect the camera to my bf561 and let it control some motors simultaneously sending videos back to my pc just for viewing purpose.

Now I have two things a VideoIN-out example provided in the visualdsp++...and a blackfin image processing toolbox with some opencv functions.


Apparently,In my original openframeworks project I use only the cvcolorconv from balcfin image processing toolbox t the rest of them i wrote my own code in basic c++...Now the problem is the surf code that i downloaded from internet that contains links to highgui.h, and other libs from opencv & opencv2 and which in turn links to libs like memory.h,algorithm.h which are all not opencv but part of c++ or idnt know what it is...I am not good at these kind of things.

There is this header file that  links to memory.h which i think is related to memory allocation in my PC....Now how am I going to make it work for memory allocation in bf561 registers???

Please help me where to link and where to change I am absolutely clueless.I am using windows 7.Please If my question is not clear let me know..