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Data errors in the ADM2582 based RS485 link!

Question asked by Jobin on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by RAnslow

We are using the ADM2582 transceiver for RS485 communication at a baud rate of 2MBPs and an operating voltage of 5V. We have four transceivers on a single board and all are communicating simultaneously at the same baud rate.


But, on a long run say 5 to 10 mts we are seeing a few errors in the data received by the ADM2582. We are not seeing any error in the transmitted signal.


While analyzing the received data in more detail, we saw that majority of errors are occurring as a zero changing to one when its followed by consecutive two or more one's.


One more observation we found is that, these errors are completely vanishing when the transceivers are operated at low voltage say 4V!.


We have followed the layout guidelines almost completely as recommended by ADI.


How can we eliminate the errors completely at 5V? why there is no error at 4V?