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SigmaStudio probe : FIR phase error ? (ADAU1452)

Question asked by maxidcx on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by JCB



I m preparing a crossover with FIR filter for ADAU1452 and when simulating the result with the probe, I have good magnitude response, but the phase looks completely out.


to design the FIR, I have used "rephase" which is a well known freeware solution often used with MiniDSP products.


the FIR design window is like this


the text file generated is included below.


When importing the impulse file in another freeware tools called HolmImpulse we get almost the same figures:


but when uploading the table in sigma studio 3.10.2 and launching the probe, we get this window:


where the phase looks cahotic.


can you please confirm that this might be a bug in Studio and that the ADAU1452 algortihm is not impacted ?

thank you