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Transformer or Common-mode choke for Ext Ref Input?

Question asked by Sigurd on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by pkern

I am currently working on a ultra-low noise/jitter clock distribution design and I would like to add an external ref in- and output (10Mhz standard) for chaining and locking multiple other measurement devices.

I was planning on using a high speed buffer (ADCLK905) to protect and boost the input stage of the clock generator/PLL. Now I am wondering whether it is good practice or advisable to also add a transformer (i.e. 1:2 for 50 ohms match) and/or a common mode chocke after the BNC input in front of the buffer? In-& Outputs are single-ended 50 ohms obviously.

Same question also applies for the output: would you put a trafo or directly provide the reference output?

Thanks for your input!