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ZC706 with AD-FMCOMMS2 and CRC-DabMod

Question asked by Melv_91 on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by mhennerich

Hello Engineers,


I would like to "connect" the output of the CRC-DabMod tool into the input of the DAC of the AD9361. In this case, we're using the Xilinx ZC706 evaluation kit with the AD-FMCOMMS2 FMC board. The ZC706 runs the Linera distribution of Linux from an SD-card as mentioned at the AD-FMCOMMS2 wikipage.


What I need to know is how I can put the data from the CRC-DabMod into the DAC of the AD9361.


I know that the output of the CRC-DabMod consist of "a complex baseband stream of interlaced 16 bits I/Q samples". So, this output ranges from [-32.768,32.768]. Because of this range, we've created a small .C program which transforms this range onto [-1.0,1.0].

For test purposes, I've created a .txt file with the CRC-DabMod tool. Then this ouput values were converted from [-32.768,32.768] onto [-1.0,1.0] and I've used the AD-FMCOMMS2 plugin to fed this .txt file to the DAC, just like the other waveform test .txt files.


My questions are:


Is this the right way of thinking?

Does the input from the DACs of the AD9361 needs values between -1.0 and 1.0?

And which commands do I need when I would like to drive the DAC with a script program?


I hope you could give me any advice/tips.


Many thanks in advance!