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How to use Eval AD5932 AND EVAL AD7357 FROM SAME COMPUTER.

Question asked by Rahul_Vijay on Jan 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by KarenNE

Dear Sir,


I have recently bought EVAL AD5932 sine wave generator and EVAL AD7357-CED1Z for my application and facing few issues request for your kind help.


  1. I m using single Computer to control both of them simultaneously. The issue is; I cannot useboth board simultaneously. Any one of the board is detected either AD7357-CED 1Z or AD5932. How to use both of them together?
  2. I m using LabVIEW to control my boards. I get the source code and .EXE FILE of EVAL AD7357-CED 1Z supplied with board.  However with EVAL AD5932 it was only the exe, No source code Provided.  I request you to please provide the source code of EVAL AD5932
    software which you supply with board .it will be off great help!!.


Thanks you for your help.




Rahul Vijay