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Feedback object delay

Question asked by Tony on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2011 by stmoeller60

Two quick questions:


1) Is the feedback object simply adding 1 sample delay or more?


2) How is the block to block delay management handled by the compiler? Is there a fixed delay added to the audio path for each block? (e.g. arbitrary value) We're doing some filtering which requires us very precise understanding  of that concept as we're delaying down to the sample and mixing signals. In Sharc, we'd know exactly what's going on, but here, we're quire lost as to how the delay/time alignment is managed within the structure. E.g See the attached file showing 2 paths from a same source and being mixed together. Obviously that's not what we're doing, but the concept is similar. One path has one extra block (Parametric), does this mean that samples from that path will be delayed when mixed or the compiler is smart enough to add delay to the path?

If the compiler doesn't take care of it, then I guess that our only way would be having symetrical path before mixing signals from a same source..


Got my gist?


Thanks for your support.