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ADUM3190 Operation at -55 Deg C

Question asked by on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2014 by bkennedy

hello everyone,


i would like to use ADUM3190 at my power supply product and i have an important question:


Almost Every Ic's we used before doesnt guarantee operation at -55 Deg. C (ambient) but it worked well...

I know that this product is no qualified to work at this temp but if someone has some experience it will be very helpful.

i need to know what is the degradation at preformance. If the reference voltage 1% accuracy will damage its not a big problem...

Do you know about some fatal Error at this temp?

By the way, ADI has wonderful products, and i'm a big fan.  Bravo!!!

Thanks very much...


David Dayan