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DDS first steps. RE: AD9910_PCBZ

Question asked by tifr on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by tifr

We have just begining to use the DDS Evaluation Board AD9910_PCBZ. I have a few queries relating to that Could anyone please address it?


1) Can we use the internal clock option without making changes in the PCB that is provided? ( I mean without removing C51,C52 & shorting R4,R11) ??

2) What is the nature of the waveform that is to be provided in the input? Sine/ square? What are its amplitude, frequency, power limitations?

3) what is the actual requirement of the input signal which is to be used as reference?

4) What is the power requirements of the AD9910_PCBZ evaluation board?

5) What is the output availlibilty? I mean I require a voltage signal? Should I drop the DAC output across a 50 ohm resistor? Will it load the output DAC?

6) Can I drive a RF amplifier directly with the DAC output as I require a higher power to drive my load??


Please address my queries as iam unable to proceed further.