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Setting variables when a breakpoint is hit

Question asked by usernameGoesHere on Jan 17, 2014
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I am looking into the possibility of setting variables each time the program runs over a break point. I see that there is functionality within the breakpoints themselves to execute comparisons when they are reached and I was hoping to expand on this feature. I have tried something like the break point below and the console throws an error "Error evaluating expression "..."; breaking.". Is there another way to get this functionality?



pBreakpointList->SetBreakpointAtAddress( breakpointPublic, pSymbol->Address,

     0,     // skip count

     "Idde.ActiveSession.ActiveProcessor.SetExpression("FPGA_Comm_Errors", "25");",    // expression

     FALSE, // temporary

     TRUE,  // enabled

     0 );   // reserved