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Bug in ADI_FAT driver ?

Question asked by pfeifferc on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2014 by pfeifferc

Hi !

I'm using the adi_fat driver version from Dec.2010 (VDSP5.0 update10)

So for the openfile function there is a filetype as fct.parameter


This filetype-parameter is eighter  FILE_TYPE_SUBDIR and the DirEntry Attribute is set to ADI_FAT_DIR_SUBDIRECTORY

otherwise the Attribute is set to 0; //line 2398 in adi_fat.c source


This is an invalid attribute for a dir-entry (microsoft spec.FAT spec. )


So if i open new files with this function for writting, the fat entry/dir entry and corresponding fct. working, and a win7 computer show me the sdcard-file.

but the own driver dont do this because of the invalid attribute. (Should be ADI_FAT_DIR_ARCHIVE).


is this a known and fixed bug ?


regards chris