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ADAU1452 group delay / interface / fifo / usbi

Question asked by maxidcx on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2014 by Yagami


I ve just ordered an ADAU1452 eval board and went into the datasheet.

congratulation for the exceptional device.

The routing is much more clear and looks easier than in the ADU144x family


but I couldnt find any information about the group delay from serial input to serial output, either going trough the dsp core, or when directly routed from one to another. Only informations about asrc delay. An information like the one provided in the ADAU1772 datasheet would be great.


also I couldnt find registers that would give the possibility to capture / read and write datas in/to Data memory, like with the "Interface" concept in the other SigmaDSP, how can we monitor a value at a given point in SigmaStudio, by an I2C/SPI transaction from the host MCU ?


the brochure introduce the idea of circular buffer. is there a possibility to assynchronously write a data coming from the serial input interface in a circular buffer in Data memory, independent of the DSP core program, and then to reuse the data form the circular buffer as an input of the DSP core program, this would be usefull for some specific decimation/oversampling program, Exactly like the ASRC which seems to have a fifo, but without its interpolation/decimation filter ?


also wondering if the EVAL kit MINIZ is provided with an USB interface, and/or if I could use the USBi from my ADAU1701 eval kit ?


finally I could not understand how we can write to ADAU or EEPROM from SigmaStudio, as the USB interface is only connected to the ADAU SPI slave... may be we ll get clarity on this in the user manual when its published ?


Thank you