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Select Inertial Eval Sys

Question asked by andy42jr on Jan 16, 2014
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Dear Forum,

I am building a course for the Mechanical Engineering Partnership Program (Colorado Mesa University and University of Colorado) that will explore/evaluate three axis accelerometers and gyroscopes. Target equipment may be a quad copter.

In a laboratory environment I would like to demonstrate electrical output signals from the various MEMS in a six degree of freedom system.

The width of Analog Devices product offering is daunting. Please help with narrowing down options that can be used in the laboratory portion of my course.

I have seen the following:

     EVAL-ADXL350Z-M       Mother board inertial sensor evaluation tool

     EVAL-ADXL350Z-S       Satellite board

Would you recommend this system? Or, another?

Does Analog Devices have processors that complement the MEMS so that PIDs could be programmed in order to customize response to MEMS?

Does Analog Devices have a University Program? Are there discounts for use of Analog Devices products in class room settings?

Please provide your assistance and recommendations.

Thank you,

Andrew J Affrunti Jr

Instructor CU/CMU Partnership Mechanical Engineering Program

Archuleta Engineering Center

Colorado Mesa University

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