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ADV7180 Design Files & Queries

Question asked by RiteshRP on Jul 3, 2010
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I plan to use ADV7180BCPZ device in one design. This is interfaced to DSP processor. The interface is BT656 (Embedded Sync). I have gone through the datasheet and have following queries,


1. The datasheet mentions crystal specification of 28.6363MHz. This value of crystal is very difficult to source. The available crystal frequency is 28.63636MHz. Can I use 28.63636MHz crystal?

I beleive this should be fine as the error is only 2ppm. Please suggest.


2. Can I get the design support files for the chip like,

    a. Evaluation Board Schematics

    b. Register settings

    c. Any specific application notes that are not on the Analog website


3. Is there any interrupt pin available on ADV7180 that can indicate the presence of input source and also indicate loss of sync?


4. The operating temperature for the product is quite stringent, -35 to + 75 deg cel, is there anything specific that we should take care for this chip?


Your quick response will be of great help.


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