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How to use the AD9517 on the AD9467 NATIVE FMC CARD with ML605

Question asked by haori on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by charlyelkhoury

Hi there


First of all. I not an expert and just started playing with FPGA...


In my application, I designed a signal filter for real-time pulse shaping. It seems that this filter can run at a maximum frequency of 100 MHz.


However, I don't currently have a 100 MHz clock to drive the AD9467 card.


Right now, I have enabled the onboard oscillator so the AD9467 is running at 250 MHz.


Using the reference design that AD provided and a clock manager in xilinx EDK, I am able to get a working design. The output from the adc pcore in xilinx EDK is pumping out data (adc_mon_data) at 250 MHz (adc_clk). I use this clock (adc_clk) to drive a mmcm and output a 100 MHz clock to drive my design. It seems to work, but there's some spikes in the acquired waveform which I suspect is a result of the unmatched clock.


How can I utilize the AD9517 onboard? I read ug-200.


Should I choose the LVDS clock option? Basically, install C306, C307 and remove C209 and C210? ( I have already installed C206 and C205, removed C202). If I set P200 to ON, I should be good to go? Will the AD9517 driver provided in the reference design allow me to set the ADC clock frequency to 100 MHz?