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Question asked by RandyJ on Jan 16, 2014
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I have an issue with my AD8015 TIA output + pin. I have the TIA hooked up to a 5V supply.  My anolog to digital (A/D) conversion was maxed out every time I took a reading so I checked the voltage on Vss+ and output +. These two voltages were the same. It was learned that I did not have a capacitor in place between Vbpass and Vss+. I calculated that I needed a 0.018 uF capacitor based on he suggestion of he tech to use 10K as my frequency. The addition of the capacitor made it so that output + sent out a signal of 2.994V and the use of a 0.1 uF and a 1 uF capacitor had similar results reading 3.000V. With the current voltage drop of about 1.3, we won't be able to get the sensitivity that we need for fluorescence detection.

Can the voltage on output + be dropped to a signal closer to 0 with the use of a capacitor closer to the 100 pF since the MCU that we are using is set so that our A/D conversion range is 0-3.3V?