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Question asked by melisaelzer on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by mattp

I am confused and unsure about the settings I need to use for the IO video mode.


In the blogs there are notes that indicate that perhaps DIS_AUTO_PARAM_BUFF incorrect.


I am driving a true  1080 x 1920 display and I tried toggling the DIS_AUTO_PARAM_BUFF without being able to successfully run this resolution.


In the UG-180 rev B indicates that for free run mode (mode 1 in my case) use PRIM_MODE 0x05 AND VID_STD = 0x1E but I get a Vsync with a frequency that is about 11Hz (????)


1) If I am running free run mode 1, is it preferred to set the buffer to 0 or 1? If I set it to 0, then the datasheet calls for PRIM_MODE = 0x06 and VID_STD = 0x02.


2) Those settings are for 1920x1080 displays not for 180x1920. Would it work anyways or can I disable that so that it can take the information and detailed timings from my EDID?


3) I am also setting the CH1_FR_LL but I am unsure it is correct. I took the frequency of my horizontal refresh rate (117.96KHz, Thoz =8.47us ) and the clock period (F=28.6363MHz,Tclk=34.92ns) and divided Thoz/Tclk = 242.76 (0xF2). Is this how you get this value?


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