ADV7611 : High frequency output for a moment from the LLC output

Discussion created by aimPoint on Jan 16, 2014
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Hi all.

We use an HDMI input  of ADV7611.
We provide 720p60 HDMI signal to ADV7611.


LLC output worked as follows.  Is it correct?


time = 0ms :  The register data write is completed.
step 1) time =  0.00ms to  2.56ms , LLC outputs  40MHz.
step 2) time =  2.56ms to 12.40ms , LLC outputs  46.64MHz.
step 3) time = 12.40ms to 30.90ms , LLC outputs 166.40MHz.
step 4) time =  30.90ms later          , LLC outputs   74.25MHz.

High frequency output of "step 3)" is inconvenient in our system.
Is there a way to avoid this?


Best regards.