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Response time at 10ms

Question asked by Karthickph on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by Karthickph

Hi there,

  In earlier products we used ADUC848 micro convertor to get the minimum system response time at 100ms.   Please see the below table for your reference.  For this purpose, we had deployed notch filter which is configured as below.  Here, ADC output rates available at 16.06 Hz to 1.365 kHz (Chop disabled), 5.35 Hz to 105 Hz (chop enabled).response time.png



However, for our new product development which has ADuC7060 micro as core unit, we need to get a system response at 10ms. Also, need to use notch filter for this purpose.  It is not clear in ADuC7060 micro manual that how to configure notch filter to generate system output at 10ms rate.  Please let us know that is it possible to achieve this output rate and please provide your suggestions if any.