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SPI Communication Problem with ADE7878

Question asked by jmperezaz on Jan 16, 2014
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I use the ADE7878 for an Energy Metering application. First, I have used it with the evaluation board and also I have developed my own board.

I configure the ADE in PM0 mode using the SPI protocol to communicate with an external microcontroler.


When I power the ADE7878 with a nominal voltage between 3,3v and 3,7v both cards work properly. However, if the nominal voltge is between 3v and 3,3v the device keeps on the PM0 mode but it stops the SPI communication (although 3v is the minimum working voltage).

My fisrt idea about the problem could be some noise that appears in the DVDD output (in my board there is only one high frequency peak of around 100mVpp), Could be possible?


I wanted to ask if someone have had a similar problem and I would be very pleased if someone knows how to resolve it.


Many thanks,