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Converter for DMM

Question asked by AMLab on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by jtee



I started my new project to build Digital Multimeter.

I will focus first on voltage DC and AC measurements (target TrueRMS 100kHz)



I will base on STM32 F0, I think the best interface to glue uC and ADC will be I2C or SPI




I can start with DC but target is to be able provide DC+AC TrueRMS up to 100kHz



I can start with simple 3 1/2-digit acuracy, target is 6 1/2-digit



Of course it depends on input stage between connectors and ADC but I belive some ADC are better for DMM applications


Please help me to choose ADC that will fit my requirements.

It can be chip meeting targets or famili of chips that will help me start from simplest task but extend later my project without big effort.

I want to write some software based on modules. I expect that comunication with all ADC will be the same/simillar respecting speed and resolution. So one common procedure for all converters.


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