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Adding VGA input to a ADV7604

Question asked by HankZ on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by PaulS

We currently use this device to receive component video on AIN10-AIN12.with SYNC4 for embedded syncs. The component video card is in production and all is well.

We our modifying this design ever so slightly to accept a VGA input (RGB + vsync and hsync). I modified the current board to accept VGA: GRN on AIN7(P18), RED on AIN8(N17), BLUE on AIN9(N18) and SYNC3(P17). I'm still using the same front end 24/51 resistor and 0.1uf caps recommended in reference design. We have a 1024x768 VGA input driven into the 7604 which in turn gets encoded to H.264 and sent out over a network. I have pictures of the input versus the outputs. We believe there are setup issues in the 7604 which are causing the distorted output.