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ADP5050 uncleared issues (for me)

Question asked by on Jan 15, 2014
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hello everyone,


i would like to use ADP5050 at my power supply product and i have a few questions:


1. I need to use the 200 mA LDO as 5.4V input and 5V output (and 150mA) is it possible? how much voltage drop in that case?

2. What kind of current limit associated with ADP5050 LDO? fold-back? constant current? latch? auto recovery?

3.  Accept the Overvoltage Latch-Off Mode is there another buck output over voltage protection? what about the LDO over voltage protection? is it associated with the Overvoltage Latch-Off Mode mechanism?

4. Does one output over current protection effect the other outputs somehow?





David Dayan,