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ADV7842 : Change size of  Screen  is not stable

Question asked by aimPoint on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by aimPoint

Hi all.

We use an HDMI port of ADV7842 for only ch.A.


When I varied Screen pixel clock from 109 MHz to 130 MHz, an screen image may not be stable.


I carried out "2.2.8 TMDS PLL Lock" described in "ADV7842_Recommended_Settings_Rev2.0_241013.pdf“,
but did not work  well when “Fast Switch” is off.


The "2.2.8 TMDS PLL Lock" worked well when “Fast Switch” is on.



<Question 1>
What does "Fast Switch" perform other than the HDCP authentication process of background?



<Question 2>
Why require “Fast Switch” when carried out "2.2.8 TMDS PLL Lock"?



Best regards.