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Reference Design for AD-FMCOMMS2 targetting ZED Board

Question asked by jferment on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by jferment

I am currently trying to recreate the reference design for the AD-FMCOMMS2 design targetting the ZED board.


I pulled down the latest ZIP file

and am trying to recreate the design per wiki page


I know it says this is for FMCOMMS1, but when you click hte link for FMCOMMS2 this is where is sends you.


The first step is to regenerate IP for all the XCO files found in the cf_lib folder.

The problem is that all the XCO files target a xc6vlx240t,all the cores but 1 will recreate for Zynq without any problems.

HOWEVER, the ad_dcfilter_1.xco targets a macro that is not suitable for Zynq and you wind up with the following error

ERROR:sim:879 - Part 'xc7z020-1clg484' is not valid for component ''.


At thispoint the project is dead in the water and I can not continue any further.


Please help