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ADE7953 Questions

Question asked by JohnAraujo on Jan 14, 2014
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I'm trying to understand the ADE7953 better and have some questions.


1) On page 24 of the datasheet it’s stated that the active power signals are accumulated every 143uS (6.99KHz) into an internal register (see Figure 45). A little further down is says the sample time for the accumulation register is 4.76uS. What good is sampling the accumulation register every 4.76uS if it’s only updated every 143uS? I guess I’m missing something here! 


2) Why do  Current Channel A and Current Channel B have different offset specs? Seems like Current Channel B is better. I have a single phase application so I'm wondering if I use Current Channel B perhaps I won't have to perform an offset calibration.


3) Why does the IC provide two current input channels for a single phase measurement?


4) The ADC has a settling time of approximately 200mS, as stated on page 22 of the datasheet.  Since 60Hz has a period of 16.67mS, is it fair to say that the RMS values calculated by the IC are based on the last 200mS/16.67mS or 12 cycles of the 60Hz waveform?


5) Can anyone recommend the test equipment needed to perfom the gain and offset calibrations?


That's it for now.


Thank you very much!