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About ADV212 Problem

Question asked by pine on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by DaveD

We are using ADV212 to encode and decode.


ADV212 work in 16 bit host Mode with 8 bit BT656 PAL video souse at vdata port.


My question is :


1. When encode with  VFORMAT == 0x09: 

   we only can get about 10 frame 720*576 data from CODE FIFO, The following data will be an 16bit Constant data.

   when we reduce the RCVAL , we can get more frame up to about 50 frame.

   Other encode parameters is :

     Precision:     8bit

     XFORMLEV: 5


     CBSIZE:       64*32

     WKERNEL:  00

    STALLPAR:  00

     ATRTYPE:    00

    RCTYPE:     01

    RCVAL:       1388


    PICFG:        00

     QFACT:       00

    COD_SYTLE:   02 (JP2)


2. When VFORMAT == 0x01, we can get continue 720*288 data from CODE FIFO, But when we sent the data back to ADV212 to decode, the time is about half of the time to encode, and the image on screen is blink.


3. We want to play the video data on pc , what can i do?


Please help me , thanks.