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The minimum data acquisition time of AD7176-2

Question asked by DMN on Jan 14, 2014
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Q1 -----

I want to use a single conversion mode as 4ch.

In the data sheet, it is described like in the following.

Page 37 in

- As soon as the next conversion is complete, the data register is updated; therefore, the user has a limited period in which to read the conversion.


Is the minimum period of read-out in ODR?

I want to know by when data should be read after a conversion end.


Because, although ODR seems to be the minimum read-out period of data, it seems that the following time is not described.


. Time after switching a channel until a switch is stabilized

. Settling time

. Conversion time


When conversion time becomes long, doesn't the period which can get data become short, either ?

Please let me know the minimum time until a data register is as a result of next conversion and is updated from falling of RDY.



Please let me know the enforcement procedure of a calibration.

Is there any sample code?



Is always a calibration required at when of the powerup-sequence ?



When not performing a calibration, how much does it have impact on accuracy ?

When not performing a calibration, is the initial value of an "offset register" and a "gain register" used ?


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