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ADV7513 Sync Signals on TMDS Interface

Question asked by jecasey on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by GuenterL

We have a customer with a technical question on the ADV7513 regarding the
sync signals on the TMDS interface.

1)   Background and implementation details

- Our system uses the RGB(4:4:4) interface. We supply all
sync signals (HS, VS, DE).

- We have configured the ADV7513 for default operation.
Our intention is to use the externally provided syncs.

- We support only one mode: CEA Format 1 (VIC #1):
640x480x60p. We have verified the ADV7513 automatically detects this VIC.

  1. Question:

- What processing/delays will the ADV7513 introduce to
the sync timing on the TMDS interface?
Currently, our V_Total is slightly our of spec (533 vs. 525 lines). In
the current configuration, will the ADV7513 adjust the timing to be compliant
with CEA format 1?