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AD5370 Eval Board Reference Testpoint Issue

Question asked by Abyss on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by KenK

I have run into an issue with my AD5370 Eval Board.  I can no longer run the test software and control the outputs.  It was working fine in early December, and now coming back to this project it isn't working.


I decided to measure the reference voltages on T63, and T64, which should be set by the position of LK4.  When LK4 is in the A position the reference should be 3V but it is only ~0.5V, and when LK4 is in the B position the reference on those pins should be 5V, but it is only ~0.65V.  By setting LK4 to the C position, and applying an external reference of 5V, then T63, and T64 read out the 5V, but the channels still don't output the voltages that the software says they should be outputting.


My computer recognizes the board and so does the software, when it is not connected I get the board missing message, but when I attach the board via USB there is no message, so I assume the driver is installed correctly, and either way the measured voltages are independent of if the board is attached to the computer.