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Configuration for AD5933 and AD9834

Question asked by papiyung on Jan 13, 2014
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I purchased evaluation boards (EVAL-AD5933EBZ, EVAL-SDP-CBiZ and EVAL-AD9834SDZ) to perform the impedance measurement at lower frequencies. I confirmed that each board works ok. However, when I tried to measure the impedance of model RC circuit using EVAL-5933 with outside clock signal source from the output (IOUT) of AD-9834. It seemed like the EVAL-5933 couldn't detect the signal from the EVAL-9834 through a SMB cable. Obviously, when applying the TTL signal using the signal generator to EVAL-5933, there was no problem with the impedance measurement. I built this configuration with three evaluation boards, which was suggested in an EVAL-5933 manual for performing the impedance measurement at lower frequency range. Any idea would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.