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SHARC 21369 Power dissipation estimation

Question asked by jdelorme on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by DivyaS

We would like to make an estimation of the power dissipation of our Algorithm running onto an ADSP-21369. We have seen the EE299 note which deals with that aspects. In that application note, it is mentioned that we have to make an estimation in % of each of the five activity level (peak, high, Medium, low and IDLE) for our application.

Question1 : Is there a plug-in in visual DSP ++ which can do this estimation automatically?

Question 2: Is there some other documentation on power dissipation estimation?


Regarding the EE299, it seems that the DMA transfer from DSP to external memory is not taking into account for power dissipation. For our point of view, memory exchange are source of power consumption.

Question 3: is there a reason why memory DMA transfers are not part of the power dissipation calculation?


To compare with the theory of the EE299, we would like to make some real power measurement on the EZ-KIT development equipped of an ADSP21369.

Question 4: Is there a methodology or a way to go to do our real measurement of current and voltage?


Regarding also the EE299 it is talk about temperature of junction Tj and temperature of package Tt.

Question 5 : Do we keep by default Tj to 100°C as mentioned in the document? For Tt measurement, do we measure it by our self or does Visual DSP ++ can provide it to us directly?


Thanks in advance for the answers to our question, and your feedback would be helpful to do this power dissipation estimation.