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Programming EvalAD5932 for Fix Frequency Output

Question asked by Rahul_Vijay on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2014 by LouijieC

Dear Sir,


I m using Eval board of AD5932 for a sine wave generation of 1 Mhz. i m using the software supplied with the board to Select desired sine wave.


For my application i Just need 1Mhz sine wave.The issue is every time i have to slect the frequency ,click on Programm and then click on ctrl to start the scan.I wanted to fix the Signal to 1 Mhz,so that even i just connect the usb cable without running the software i could see 1 Mhz signal.


The idea is Once the board is programmed for 1 Mhz it should give fixed 1 mhz,it may be disconnected and then connected.Just wanted to avoid the use of ctrl button every time.


Thank you for the help.



Best Regards,


Rahul Vijay