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Cannot clear I2CBBUSY bit on ADuC7126

Question asked by shane91773 on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by PatrickN

Hello all,


I have question regarding the I2CBBUSY bit in the I2C1MSTA register of ADuC7126.  I can't seem to clear it even after resetting the processor.  It'll only clear once I power cycle.


Long story short, I have a 7126 I2C master and a 7020 I2C slave and they talk periodically.  Sometimes I see a break in the communication and when I pause both processors to check their I2C registers, I2C1SSTA reports 0x0000 on slave but I2C1MSTA reports 0x442.  When I reset the processor it would go to 0x400.  Only when I power cycle it then it would go to 0x0000.


Any advice how I can clear the I2CBBUSY bit?