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AD8366 Output Common-Mode control

Question asked by arvabj on Jan 12, 2014
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I am planning to use the AD8366 to drive the dual inputs of the AD9643 ADC. From the AD8366 datasheet, it seems that output common mode voltage is programmable from 1.6 to 3 V only. But by looking at the VCMA equivalent circuit (figure 48 of AD8366 datasheet), i could add a pull-down resistor of about 1.8K Ohms at the VCMA/ VCMB pins and get a 0.9V common mode output. The 0.9V will match the AD9643 ADC common mode voltage input requirements. Is it possible to get a common mode output as low as 0.9V directly from the AD8366 ? If not, any other approaches to match the ADC common mode voltage when driven by an AD8366 ?