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Absolute Input Voltage and CMV Ranges, Gain Setting

Question asked by starraytheon on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2014 by starraytheon

Hi Experts,


I am learning ADUCM360 now. I have two questions.


1/ In UG-367, page23, Table14--- when Gain32 is set,  Absolute Input Voltage range is 0V to 22.18mV. Why is it not 31.25mV? How to calculate this?

when Gain32+ MOD2 is set, Absolute Input Voltage range is 0V to 15.625mV. Why is it not 31.25mV or 22.18mV? How to calculate this?


2/ If I want to get Gain4, How to config it? PGA=4 or PGA=2 plus MOD2. Which one is better? Or just PGA=4 can be set.


I appreciate your reply, Thanks for your help!



Yours Sincerely,