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Tx Power Monitor continuous mode

Question asked by akoynov on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2014 by tlili

We are currently trying to activate Tx Power Monitor feature in our design. We initially intended to use Signle shot mode to perform measurement once per frame (during preamble), but it was found it makes a transient in the transmitted signal and it was confirmed by ADI team it is "not recommended for use".


Thus, we are reconfiguring our system to Continuous mode, but it is not very clear how RSSI regs are updated. I guess there are two possibilities - either every sample (i.e. "sliding window") or on "block-by-block" basis according to Tx Mon Duration setting. The documentation does provide an answer on that.


Are there any practical guidelines or FAQs available for this feature? We are having a few more issues with this, but we are still investigating them.