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ADAU1761 MIC input single Ended Or Differential?

Question asked by PaulBKaraoke on Jan 9, 2014

I am confused a bit about the inputs to the PGA. (Figure 33. Stereo Differential Microphone Configuration) ADAU1761 pdf, shows one side of the MIC grounded at the input of the circuit. Seems that just makes it single ended. and the  single ended diagram (Figure 34. Stereo Single-Ended Microphone Configuration )uses CM. If a single ended mic was attached to the differential circuit, then the input side of the capacitor on the non inverting input being grounded, would make the INP rest at either ground or CM internally anyways?. I have already designed my circuit to receive a differential (balanced 3 wire) input. Then I found my Wireless receiver outputs single ended (unbalanced). I want to know if the differential circuit in Figure 33 can Work for both differential and single ended inputs. Do i need to include the CM? and should the non inverting input of a differential input be grounded as shown in the diagram? If that signal is grounded then i would need to detach the Shield from the inputs ( dual output wireless reciever) or else that half of the signal would be tied together for both mics. Here is my Schematic, on single ended the Non inverting input would be grounded in the connectorSIngle-Diff-MIC.JPG