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ADF4350 for giving 2.4Ghz differential sine wave Software issue

Question asked by AASHISHSHARMA on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by icollins

hey everyone.

I purchased ADF4350B2Z eval board and I want to generate 2.4 GHz sine wave through this and transmit it using antenna. Before I convert differential to single ended and connect antenna to SMA I want to see on my DSO that whether differential signal between two SMAs on board is giving 2.4 GHz or not. Problem is I am unable to configure software. I just need single tone 2.4 GHz differential sine wave at 5 dbm. I dont want any sweep or freq hopping. In RF frequency Output I have entered 2.4 GHz but I am unable to understand other values,which I should enter or leave default.

I am attaching Software snap. Kindly help