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ADAU 1701 Datasheet  Lack of clear booting documentation

Question asked by Skyrider on Jan 9, 2014
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Subject: Lack of clear documentation



Inquiry Description:

One of our custers has purchased  the EVAL_ADAU_1701_MINIZ board in order to start a new professional sound project for megaphony inside big buildings.


A Cortex M3 MCU is involved in order to inject the DSP Coefs "on the Fly" for doing a sound equalizer where different tones quality is sensed remotely sensed.


We have a lack of information or application notes about basic procedures:


  1. 1.- In the ADAU 1701 Datasheet is shown how to do an I2C selfboot from an external memory... but our customer wants to be able to reprogram the Whole Firmware ( Or partially ) from the external MCU ?.... Do you have any example / app note for that ?



  1. 2.- The main purpose of ussing an external MCU is to be able to change the Volume,Equalizer,Filter Coeficients, etc "on the fly" during execution.


Do you have any app note about how to get access to the right adresess ( How & what addresses ?? ) in order to do that ( Spi Slave, I2c Slave ?? ).


Best regards, Skyrider