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A few questions about ADL5380-EVALZ

Question asked by biancajs on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by bsam

Hi there,


We have just purchased two ADL5380-EVALZ evaluation boards which we plan to use to demodulate signals around 3-4GHz to baseband. I had a couple of questions about how it works...


Firstly, I understand that the model I have purchased is the new version of the device which works over the full frequency range, rather than the now obsolete models which covered two separate ranges.The data sheet available for download seems to be for the older models - how does the new model differ? Is it just the balun which has changed?


From the evaluation board schematic on page 33 of the data sheet, it seems that the QHI and QLO outputs are a set of differential inputs to a circuit which then converts this into two separate unipolar outputs, such that either could be used while the other is terminated - is this interpretation correct?


Also, is there any component available to purchase which consists of a small circuit like this on its own, which would convert two unipolar outputs to a differential output?


Thanks for your help