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ADV212 compressed image seems shrouded in a frog

Question asked by jiawen on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2014 by jiawen

Hi all:

     My ADV212 can work,but the compressed image seems not that right, I compressed tripes and dynamic video,these figures seem like shrouded in a frog,the figures are attached below,is the parameter registers setting causes this situation?


     Another problem:the size of compressed image can be defined, but it is just a cap value,it might be the value what i set ,but at the same time ,it also may be much lesser than what i set ,Dose this mean the compressing rate can't be defined??  i tried to set different size for the compressed image ,but the finall size seems never change to much, i think this feature will lead to uncontrollable quality of the compressed image,may be my understanding is not right, pls give a hint


     My parameter registers are set as below:


1)04 00 03 03:Custom_specific,8-bit,3levels of transform,unipolar Y & C.


2)03 00 00 00:128X32(recommended),Irreversible 9 X 7 using fixed table(lossy),capture all fields,dont output attribute data.


3)01 00 C8 00:Target size per video field or image within 5% of RCVAL,set size one sixth of the original image.


4)00 41 00 01:LRCP,using external HVF pins,256/256factor(x1),j2c format.